Dynamic Legal | No Win No Fee


 It’s no mystery that getting legal assistance can be stressful and expensive. Many are suffering, their rights being violated in the workplace daily due to lack of finances. Which is why we’re passionate to serve justice while offering affordable legal service. However, all hope is not lost as there are now alternatives to bringing counter action, such as alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Another option is taking action on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, in other words on a contingency fee basis.

This NO WIN NO FEE is regulated by the Contingency Fee Act 66 of 1997(“the CFA”) which legitimizes and regulates the conclusion of contingency fee arrangements between legal practitioners and their contingency fee agreement. These include reducing the agreement to writing in a prescribed form and the signing of the agreement by both the legal practitioner and the client. The act stipulates that the success fee payable to the legal practitioner in the event of a win should not exceed 25% of the proceeds of litigation in the case of claims sounding in money.

Dynamic legal solutions works on a NO WIN NO FEE with employees that have been unfairly dismissed, retrenched, constructively dismissed inter alia other cases which have left an employee with no income. We pride ourselves to winning.